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0. Wir starten!

0. Let’s go!

Liebe Deutschlernende, hier ist Carl Commuio!

Willkommen im Modul 8!
Do you like sports?

I hope so because we are starting an exciting mountain climb to the top of the “German-Mountain”!

What helped my friends to learn the German language:

·         learning in real situations
·         live experiences
·         watching videos, movies and television
·         reading short stories
·         repeating
·         speaking in short conversations
·         listening a lot
·         always carrying a dictionary with them
·         having German friends
·         listening to music

Just like my friend learned the German language I would like to pass it on to you. For this reason I invite you to join me in climbing the “German-Mountain” together.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen!

You will be immersed in a new communicative situation. You will not be able to understand or to speak. Like in real life, you are living in a foreign country. Don’t worry about this, at the end of the lesson you will understand everything.

Your goal will be: to be able to understand and react in this communicative situation.

First we will meet at base camp number 1. There I will prepare you theoretically for the climb to the “German-Mountain”. First I will give you an overview of the topic and then you will learn the vocabulary and how the vocabulary is used in the sentence and in the grammar.

Then we will meet again at base camp number two. There you will be immersed in communicative situations. You will keep practicing in order to continue climbing the “German-Mountain”. You have to listen and see, to read, to understand, to write and to speak.

Just a little more! We are already at the goal of the “German-Mountain” and you will have successfully completed the lesson.

The most important thing is that now you are able to understand and speak in the communicative situation.

Look at the attached map. You will immediately understand the path that we will walk together now!