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Welcome to “Intercultural Leadership: An introduction”

This course aims to outline the core concepts of intercultural leadership to enhance teamwork and efficiency in culturally diverse teams.

The main topics of this course are:

  • What is culture?

  • How to avoid intercultural conflict in multicultural teams?

  • How to benefit from diverse teams?

  • How to lead with knowledge of leading multicultural teams?

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In this course, you will study with the help of videos, interactive presentations and quizzes:

  • Your culture buddy, Emma Jones, will accompany you through this course.

  • In each chapter, you will find a Video with Emma, who will talk about her experiences as a trainer of intercultural communication.

  • Afterwards, you will receive access to presentations and quizzes to get in-depth knowledge of intercultural communication.

  • To earn a certificate at the end of this course, you need to reach 80% of the points in mandatory quizzes, but you will be able to retry at any time.

“In reactive cultures, hierarchy is crucial.”